Slake College Library of International Education

What the library should offer its students:


A library without question should provide materials such as, textbooks, reading books, dvd's, magazines, and newspapers. The main reason people go to a library is to read and study in an environment that is quiet and calm. Providing these materials would attract students and people from the city to visit your library.


In order for students to complete their school work or have people from the city do research, they will need computers. They should be able to access the world wide web, documents, or e-mail. Printers should also be available so people can come in, print documents, pictures, or information which they can take with them.


Book fairs, readings, or signings are popular in most libraries. Many people enjoy coming to these these events. When you have an event such as this, a good idea would be to have a donation area. These donations could be used for additional resources to the library or they could go to fund scholarships.


A café area would be a perfect addition to any library. When people are in the library studying they don't want to have to get up and leave to get something to eat which tends to reduce traffic in the library. Another plus would be to sell coffee or tea so people spending long hours in the library people could continue utilizing additional time in the library.

Special Rooms

Extra rooms in the library could be a benefit to all students, teachers, and people from the city. A classroom or a hall which could be used for concerts, lectures, or conferences.

The classroom can be used for students who will need additional tutuoring.

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