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Our Gift Shop

Our gift shop has all the souvenirs you want, but in addition, we now have a full line of sportswear in every size and at every price point. We even have our own line of designer sportswear customized with the Sundown logo. You can wear these items anywhere and be in style no matter what the season or the setting.

Come to the gift shop and try on shorts, shirts, and swimwear. We have hooded jackets as well for those summer nights when there still is a chill in the air. We also have a fully equipped dive shop. In addition, we carry a full line of handy personal items.

If you are looking for a snack before or after our main dining facilities close, come to the gift shop and have some coffee, tea, juice, and a light breakfast. We have sitdown and takeout service as well.

Stock up on healthful snacks and low-calorie, high-carb beverages before any excursion.

We want you to know that we value your patronage, and we want you to enjoy every part of your stay here. It's the memories of your visit that will be priceless.