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Welcome to LouZee Banjos

(LouZee is Pronounced "Lousy")

Mike Longworth's Introduction to the LouZee Banjo

Have you ever played a LouZee (pronounced "Lousy") Banjo? Perhaps you have played a terrible banjo, but not a Genuine LouZee Banjo. The LouZee Banjo is not a bad instrument, nor is it an inexpensive one. With a name like LouZee®, it must be of top quality, or even better!

The LouZee Banjo is a remarkable instrument. Be the first banjo picker on your block to own a LouZee Banjo. This distinction alone will impress your friends and neighbors as a testament to your sense of good taste! It should inspire you to proceed onward and upward toward the stratosphere of banjo music. If you are a good banjoist, you need a LouZee Banjo. If you are still on a learning curve, you REALLY need a LouZee Banjo.

Owning a LouZee Banjo will most likely be a lot more satisfying than a new set of drapes. Just imagine the increased respect your children will attain in school when their fellow students say, "There go the kids whose parent plays a LouZee Banjo!"

As a LouZee Banjo owner, you might be elected Mayor of your community or to some other honorable office. That sort of thing can happen when your judgment is beyond question. The LouZee Banjo should be an inspiration to you. You could find yourself playing things you never thought possible.

What is in a name? "Lousy" is an adjective meaning "not so hot," perhaps worse. We feel the name "LouZee" will be the 21st century name for instruments of the highest quality, design and craftsmanship. If you don't believe this prediction, just TRY one when you have the chance.

Humor is a large part of a good show. Think of the myriad of possibilities when you are playing a LouZee Banjo. It just might keep everyone in stitches ... maybe more than a good sewing machine. A LouZee Clock sometimes runs backward; a LouZee Banjo goes forward into the future of banjo music.

You now have the opportunity to embark on a new adventure. Don't pass up this chance to hear your peers remark, "There goes the (gender deleted) with a LouZee Banjo!" The attention you and your banjo will receive is beyond that which is imaginable.


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No banjo is a Genuine LouZee Banjo without the Official Trademark, the unique LouZee Lyre.

Have a LouZee day!

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