Here's the LouZee Banjo History

David and Paul Hopkins have been building banjos for many years. They own many historically significant pre-war instruments, as well as the first guitar built by Mike Longworth. Their knowledge of banjo construction and tone ring manufacturing is second to none. Paul and David have been responsible for designing some of the most popular banjo tone rings currently available.

All models have an inlay design by Mike Longworth and a tone ring specially designed for the LouZee Banjo by David and Paul Hopkins. We do not offer inlay designs or tone rings associated with any other brands.

The LouZee Banjo is the culmination of the many years of experience of David and Paul Hopkins and Mike Longworth, who was associated with C.F. Martin, Inc.™ for many years.

Each LouZee banjo is personally assembled by David and/or Paul Hopkins. The banjos are adjusted, inspected and played by David or Paul Hopkins before being made available for sale.


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No banjo is a Genuine LouZee Banjo without the Official Trademark, the unique LouZee Lyre.

Have a LouZee day!

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Paul Hopkins

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